Admission FAQ's


  • Q: Why should I choose Mdrs Memorial Public School for my child?

    A: We have modern teaching programs with world class curriculum. The school provides best facilities and with exciting activities, our focus is on the overall development of your child.

  • Q: What is the importance of sending a child for early childhood education?

    A: Early childhood care education(ECCE) helps the child in developing all his senses and grow better as compared to children who don't attend pre-schools. The Child development education (CDE) at our school helps the children in their initial years of learning.

  • Q: What is the right age for a child to get started in pre-school?

    A: According to studies and researches conducted by Child experts, two years from birth is considered as the right age because by that time, they start recognising and identifying things. Their urge to explore and the developing speaking skills also take place by this age. Thus, the pre-school activities support their learning and development.

  • Q: Do you have good qualified teachers to help my child grow from every angle?

    A: We select our teachers very carefully and train them regularly with modern teaching methods and pedagogies. The teaching staff is highly qualified and experienced. The teachers look after your child's overall development with love and pondering.

  • Q: What is the teacher-student ratio at your school?

    A: We maintain an optimum 1:20 teacher-student ratio which is considered as ideal.

  • Q: Do you have enough maids to take care of the children?

    A: Yes, we have maids to take care of the children in the classrooms and one maid for each washroom to help them with washing and cleaning.

  • Q: What are the unique facilities at Mdrs Memorial Public School?

    A: We have dedicated outdoor playing area covering 4500sq. feet, well-ventilated classrooms and fully air-conditioned school, huge indoor-playing area, hygienic and nutritious meals, noise free power backup, and much more.

  • Q: What different activities do you have for the children?

    A: For a playful learning experience, we have many activities for the children such as clay moulding, jungle safari, story telling, computer learning, ball pool, kids lab, learning by smart books, creative educational toys, and so on.

  • Q: How can we trust you on the security point of view?

    A: The security of your child is our prime concern, so you can send your child to us with no worries. We have CCTVs installed in the school which gives proper online access to the parents of the children as well and maintains an excellent security system.

  • Q: Does the school provide day care facilities? What are the timings?

    A: Yes, we provide day care facilities for the children from 9 am to 6.30 pm. The children are taken care of well during their day care hours, they feel comfortable and enjoy themselves.

  • Q: What activities included in the curriculum support child's overall development?

    A: Not only reading and writing but other activities should also be considered as equal for a child's overall development. Some of the exciting activities at our school includes music, art, theatre, smart books, puzzles, story telling, competitions, computer, etc.

  • Q: Is the fees structure made reasonable?

    A: Despite of all the facilities we provide, we have maintained a low fees structure to make it affordable for all.