3.5 to 4.5 Years (3.5 Hours/Day)

Children with their already acquired knowledge from the Play Group and Nursery sessions, now have come one step ahead to Kindergarten. The experience of Kindergarten is highly important for all the children since it smartly prepares them for formal schooling. The meaningful activities based curriculum has to be designed for Kindergarten, which can help a child be all set for primary classes. Such activities will support the child further in reading, writing, counting, number recognition, alphabet and letter sounds, science, arts and drama. With continuous, playful early child care education and child development education at Mdrs Memorial Public School for the little learners, personality development gradually takes place. You can easily notice your child growing and developing well with the constant support of the teachers and the parents. In this crucial stage of your child's transition to formal school, both teachers and the parents need to stay positive and focused.

They are now ALL SET for PRIMARY SCHOOL!

Activities for Kindergarten:

Confidence Building Sessions

In-house Competitions

Knowledge Of Science

Library Period

Field Trips

Puppets And Skits


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