2.5 to 3.5 Years (2.5 Hours/Day)

The little kids now, by the age of 2+, have grasping power in them. They have changed from "explorers" to "learners". This is ideally the right time for a kid to start understanding and learning the basics. Needless to say, different colours, music, stories, objects, numbers, etc. attracts the children. The brain starts to memorise everything gradually and with their natural habit of repeating things, the memorisation gets easier. The pedagogy of Nursery curriculum, at Mdrs Memorial Public School, is designed in such a way that it focuses on sharpening of communication skills, language ability and numeracy development with engagement of the children in reading, writing, counting, arts and drama.


Activities for Nursery Children:

Story Telling

Puppets And Skits

Library Period

Field Trips

Comic Audio-Visuals

Birthdays & Festivals Celebration


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