Play Group

1.5 to 2.5 Years (2.5 Hours/Day)

Children tends to be great observers right from the age when they are called as "infants" and "toddlers". It is that age when they start to explore everything around them. In these first few years of their lives, they are most curious to see and feel whatever is there around them. Brain development starts at this point of time and they start learning new things from their environments. With correct methods and special attention to the child development, the Play Group program of Mdrs Memorial Public School help the children in developing their communication skills and readiness in language and math subjects.

They begin to LEARN with FUN!

Activities for Play Group:

Toys Corner

Story Telling

Enactment With Puppets & Skits

Play With Water

Birthdays & Festivals Celebration

Comic Audio-Visuals


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